A collection of the procedures that we undertake and advise on from our Gastroenterologist in Surrey



A gastroscopy is normally completed within 15 minutes and should only cause minor discomfort. Click here to find out more and to find out why you would need one.  more  


A colonoscopy will provide a full evaluation of the inside of your bowels and is normally advised if you are suffering from symptoms such as a change in bowel habit, abdominal pain...  more  

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Unlike a colonoscopy which examines all of the bowels, a flexible sigmoidoscopy covers just the bottom portion, and is a less invasive procedure  more  


A fibroscan involves the use of ultrasound to measure any inflammation in your liver.  more  


An endoscopy is a procedure involving the use of a long thin tube with a camera and light, that is inserted into your organs through the throat or through the body if you are havin...  more